Our Virginia Beach Veterinarians

Dr. Robin A. Knopp

Dr. Knopp is a native of Virginia. He completed his undergraduate education at Virginia Tech and received his Doctorate of Veterinary Medicine at the University of Tennessee. Dr. Knopp’s family includes his wife Kathy, his 3 grown children: Allison, Christopher, Mark, and his 3 granddaughters, Lia, Sophia, and Gemma as well as a house full of pets. Dr. Knopp never stops learning. He makes a point of regularly attending continuing education courses to bring his clients and patients the most up-to-date medicine available. Dr. Knopp and Kathy have owned and operated Abbey Animal Hospital since 1995, a year after their youngest was born. Besides their children they share their home with a multiple of pets which include: 1 Molaccan Cockatoo, 3 dogs, 3 cats and many exotic pets. Dr. Knopp & Kathy also participated in the YFU foreign exchange student program for many years so also have lots of extra children in Europe.

In his spare time, Dr. Knopp enjoys spending his time in the clouds (literally), flying his Cheeokee Six plane. This helps shorten the miles for mission work throughout the country under Dr. Knopp’s very own program: Wing and a Prayer.

Dr. Diane Moon

Dr. Moon is from Arizona and lived extensively across the country

attending school and working as a teacher and zookeeper before completing veterinary school at the University of Illinois, followed by additional training in a small animal rotating internship

at Oklahoma State University.  She has a particular passion for zoological medicine and enjoys seeing all species from small mammals to birds and reptiles to fish and invertebrates.  She is also interested in animal welfare, ort

hopedics, and neurology.  In her spare time, she has a variety of interests including music, martial arts, and travel.  She and her fiancée have a dog, cat, lizard, two birds, two hermit crabs, and two horses.

Dr. Jessica Vallier

Dr. Vallier comes to us from Oklahoma where she was born and raised.  She attended vet school at Oklahoma State University.  She grew up in a Nazarian family.  She loves to explore the area and is ready to set down roots and buy a house.  She has an interest in exotic companion animals and shares her house with many.  She is engaged to Dr. Moon and together they share their house with 1 puppy dog (Scout), one kitty cat (Grey), 6 birds (Rosemary, Sage, Parsley, Thyme, Nutmeg, Ember), a snake (Rogue), an agama (Flash), a tegu (Arrow), a veiled Chameleon (Liz), a gecko (Beast), 2 crabs (Hermie and Crabby), and 4 tanks full of fish, snails, and shrimp.

Meet Our Virginia Beach Veterinary Management Team

Kathy Knopp, LVT – Practice Manager

Kathy has been with Abbey Animal Hospital since Inception. She married Dr. Knopp in 1983. They have 3 grown children: Alli (who also works at Abbey Animal Hospital), Chris (a veterinarian in California), and Mark (a veterinary technician in New York). She also has 3 beautiful granddaughters who are the light of her life! She shares a house with a slew of animals including 4 cats, 3 dogs, 1 bearded dragon, 2 rabbits, 1 chinchilla, 1 ferret, 2 budgies and 1 beautiful Moluccan cockatoo who is an escape artist. She loves being part of AAH and plans on being here as long as she is able.

Kathy graduated from University of Maryland with a Bachelors Degree in Animal Science. She always wanted to be a Veterinarian so being here at Abbey Animal Hospital is the next best thing.
Kathy also attended NVCC to obtain her Veterinary Technicians degree.

Justin – Office Manager

Justin has been working at Abbey since September 2015. Justin’s family consists of his 2 daughters, an adorable French bulldog named Finn, Boston terrier named Marceline, and his 3 cats: Binx, Sol, and Luna.

Alli – Office Coordinator/Marketing Executive

Alli has officially been with Abbey Animal Hospital since July 2004, although as Dr. Knopp & Kathy’s daughter, she has been involved with the hospital for much longer. Her husband Mark, does some handyman and electrical work around the hospital. The rest of her family consists of her 2 dogs: toy poodle, Tyrion & Chocolate Lab, Penny, and 2 Bengal cats named Damon Vader & Syren. She also has 3 beautiful daughters: Eliana, Sophia, and Gemma Jayne.

Adriann (Head Receptionist)

Adriann became a member of the Abbey Animal family in September of 2013.

Hi, My name is Adriann, I have been around animals my whole life. I have always loved animals, so working at Abbey was perfect for me. My family at home consists of my handsome son named Jaden, My daughter named Alaya, My husband named Steve, and my furry babies named Maverick and Tobias.

Destiny (Back Staff Manager)


Hi! My names Destiny. I’m the Back Staff Manger here at Abbey Animal Hospital. My passion for animals was found a little later in life. I always had a love for animals, but I thought it was just that. I wanted a career in beauty and had planned on going to Cosmetology School. Being hired at a doggie daycare allowed my true passion to shine through. My technical skill and compassion was clear and I had finally found what I was truly meant to do, care for animals. So here I am, currently in school working on earning my Veterinary Technicians License. I share my home with two dogs: a German Rottweiler (Groot), a Chihuahua (Lola), a Chameleon (Louis Vuitton), and a sweet, shy kitty (Lilo).






Meet our Client Care Representatives


Hello, my name is Kris. My family consists of a cat named daisy and a dog named Tinkerbelle. I enjoy doing photography and love taking pictures of animals.



Hi my name is Abby. I’ve been around animals my whole life and always loved them! My goal is to become a veterinarian one day. My family shares their home with a Pomeranian and two rescued cats, and I currently live with two cats of my own: Finnley and Toothless. I’m excited to grow here at Abbey Animal!


Emma’s family consists of her 2 chichis named Baily and henry, 2 cats named scarlett and rogue, and a husband named Chris.

 Veterinary Technicians & Assistants


My name is Emily and I’m a huge animal lover. I have been with Abbey since March of 2020. I love the environment of Abbey and how much everyone loves animals. I have my own little fur baby at home named Atlas, he is a Lab Husky mix and my whole world. I have been working with animals for 3 years and look forward to building my knowledge in the vet field!  I also have a two-legged baby girl (Charlotte-Marie), and a husband (Josh) who I enjoy spending time with at home.


Brittany joins the Abbey Animal Hospital family with 5 years of experience.  She is originally from North Carolina and is a free spirit.  Her love for animals started when she was 3 years old.  Her family adopted a pitbull named Sobe who became her best friend.  She absolutely loves reptiles.  She shares her life with a golden retriever named Sammy.


Paige is a pre-vet student at Virginia Tech in the Animal and Poultry Sciences Department.  She loves all animals and in the past has cared for a variety of pets including goats, chickens, dogs, cats, and horses.  She currently cares for 5 pet cats named: Willow, Charlie, June, Merlin, and Salem.  Her favorite animal is a horse and hopes to one day become a large animal veterinarian.


Lauryn joined the Abbey Animal Family in July 2021.  As a military kid she has moved around and lived in some really cool places.  She is currently in school working towards her vet tech degree.  She currently shares her home with her adorable yellow Labrador, Winnie.


Hi, my name is Chloe and as you can see I absolutely adore our feline patients. Sharing my home with two Persians myself, I understand the specific care and attention our cats need to thrive. In addition to handling feline patients, I also handle a wide variety of animals, including dogs, reptiles, and birds. I look forward to providing the care you and your animals need.

Zajane “Z”

Hi, my name is Z and I have had a passion for all animals since I was young. I’ve recently started as a veterinary assistant but hope to become a vet tech at some point in the near future. I currently share my home with 1 dog, a chihuahua named ace but definitely plan on having all types of pets. I look forward to expanding my knowledge and skills in this field and couldn’t ask for a better more rewarding career.

Elisabet “Liz”

Hi, my name is Liz! While I have always had a passion for animal care, I only recently began my career here at Abbey Animal Hospital. My entire life I have been involved with and surrounded by animals. I currently share my home with three large breed dogs of my own! I have a Great Pyrenees, a Maremmano-Abruzzese Sheepdog, and a German Shepherd. While I may have recently begun my career in animal medicine, my long term goal is to open my own Animal Shelter & Rescue!


My name is Autumn. I’m 25 and I’ve been taking care of animals for as long as I can remember. I have been a veterinary assistant for almost two years and can’t see myself doing anything else. My goal is to become a veterinary technician. I share my home with three cats,  a Leopard Gecko and an albino Pac-Man frog. I have experience caring for a variety of animals and I come from shelter medicine. I am excited to bring my skills to Abbey Animal Hospital!

Petcare Specialists





Abbey’s Animals

Talulah (aka Lulu)

The loudest member of our pet staff, she enjoys attention and basking in the warm Summer sun. She is also the biggest sucker for children.

Starboard “Star”