Abbey Animal Hospital proudly performs surgical procedures with AESCULIGHT CO2 Laser Surgery

Dr. Knopp has been performing laser surgeries for more than 19 years, and was the FIRST veterinarian in Virginia Beach to utilize a surgical laser.

What is laser surgery?
Unlike traditional scalpel-based techniques, the CO2 laser removes tissue with a highly focused infrared beam while sealing blood vessels and nerve endings, with pronounced benefits for both surgeon and patient.

Laser ablation is so precise that it can selectively remove only a few tissue cells at a time, if needed. At the same time, it is powerful enough to de-bulk entire tumors. It can be used to make unique bloodless laser incisions, as well as “erase” unhealthy tissue (e.g. tumors, fibromas, moles, etc.) without excessive loss of blood unavoidable in conventional scalpel surgery.

Why laser surgery?

  • Minimized bleeding Less Pain Reduced swelling
  • Faster Recovery time Increased precision Reduced risk of infection Sterilization
  • Reduced procedure time